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4 Easy Tips to Make Pool Opening Easier

4 Easy Tips to Make Pool Opening Easier

Pool opening can be a painful chore that happens once a year. However, there are ways to make it easier and go smoothly so you can start enjoying your pool faster. Here are some tips to help make pool opening as easy as possible.

  1. Care For Your Pool Cover – After opening your pool, you will want to look after your pool cover. Clean it off and remove any debris and dirt that may have built up over the winter and properly store it in a dry and covered area. This will make your pool cover last longer and ready to go on the pool next winter.
  2. Clean the Pool – Thoroughly clean the pool, removing all the leaves, dirt, and debris from the winter. You may find it’s easiest to do this on the backwash setting to not fill your filter. After cleaning, you may need to add more water to your pool to fill it to its usual level.
  3. Take a Sample for Water Testing – Roughly 48 hours after opening your pool, the water will have cycled out any leftover chemicals from the winter and is now ready to be tested. Use an empty plastic water bottle and take a sample over to your local pool professionals to find out what chemicals your pool needs.
  4. Add Chemicals – Once you get your water tested, you can add the chemicals your pool needs to balance it out. The most important chemical you will add is chlorine shock, which will kill algae and establish a stable chlorine level to prevent algae from growing.

With these tips, pool opening doesn’t have to be hard. Once your pool is opened and up and running you can start enjoying your summer!

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